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What is Moodin ?What can you do on this site ?
Moodin is a LINUX KDE splash engine with animation
This website allow you to create a Moodin theme from a background image you will upload. After that, you can play to set the position of icons, labels, etc .... This website use WEB 2.0 technology.

My Blog (blog.roozeec.fr) Moodin Theme Creator Website
on Kde-look.org

This project is in early development stage,
so many bugs can appears, many functionnalities not implemented, and feedback is welcome.

Feebacks, Comments send to : dguillerm(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Last update : 14 June 2006 - 22:08
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What is possible from now ?Bugs reported by users
To be checked by me to correct.
To doConstrains
  • Uploading image
  • Playing with icons position
  • Playing with Labels position
  • Enable or disable Labels
  • Playing with Status position
  • Automatic Icons positionning (option menu)
  • Generate Theme Zip File
  • An installer (bash script)
  • The welcome message coordinate generated above the screen estate
  • ML:username doesn't work for sometimes (need more recent moodin binary?)
  • background.png always missing since what you're supplying is background.jpg :D (another moodin version problem?)
  • User icon definition
  • Allow user to choose number of icons, labels
  • Icon Size set to 64
Before starting playing with this site, please enter the following information for your theme.
Those informations will be displayed in the KDE control center when you will select your theme.

Background (JPG image)